What is Object Oriented Programming?

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Phew... that was a mouthful. Here is how I would define Object Oriented Programming; A programming pattern that allows specific chunks of functionality (objects) to interact with each other through the use of class functions (methods) and store class specific data (properties).

Create a jQuery Twitter plugin from scratch

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Over the next couple posts in this series I will walk you through building your very own Twitter jQuery plugin from scratch. By the end of this series you will better understand the structure of a jQuery plugin, regular expressions, jQuery optimization, datetime manipulation, and jQuery chaining. Additionally, you will have a working plugin which will grab tweets directly from the twitter api. This is a solution based off something that I have used on a number of sites.

How to prevent html textarea resizing using css

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Here is a simple trick I found out by blind luck. I wanted to prevent the textarea tag's default resizing in Chrome and Firefox. As there seems to be no attribute available for the tag such as resize="false" (Come on W3C...) I began looking for an alternative. It's actually quite easy to lock a text area using only CSS.

Firemin: The Firefox memory leak fixer app

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Until recently Firefox has always felt like a double-edged sword to me. The developer's add-ons have always been a pleasure to use. Firebug, ySlow, PageSpeed, Web Developer are all essential for web design. Unfortunately, my favorite, firebug, has been notorious for turning into a zombie and snacking on my computer's memory (that no amount of Left 4 Dead can solve!). Leave the browser open a couple hours and viola you have a standards compliant browser that runs slower than IE6.