ViewComponents and Hotwire are incredible for orchestrating a beautiful, reusable View layer. While working with the two, I came across a case where I wanted a component to update via a Turbo Frame but was unable to utilize the turbo-rails gem’s built-in turbo_frame_tag. Let’s get into this simple fix.

What we need here is access to the turbo_frame_tag from all ViewComponent html.erb files. We can easily enable this by including the following module into the base ApplicationComponent. Here’s an example of a working version below:

class ApplicationComponent < ViewComponent::Base
  include Turbo::FramesHelper

  # ...

With the above code we can now access the frame tag within any of our templates:

<!-- my_component.html.erb -->
<%= turbo_frame_tag ...

I discovered this not through the documentation (as I couldn’t find it) but using Github’s find symbol in project functionality. This lead me to the definition location for turbo_frame_tag which gave me the proper module to include.

Good luck and start making those ViewComponents even snappier.

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