What I Do

I am a passionate developer who thrives on the challenge of keeping up with the ever changing web. My experience includes implementing mobile first designs as well as converting existing websites into responsive layouts. I have spent the last ten years coding in a variety of languages, completing server and database tasks, and working as part of a results-focused team. I take pride in making sure everything I develop is always up to web standards.

I am obsessed with mastering the newest programming techniques and skills. You can find me constantly pouring over the latest articles and tutorials. When I'm not reading up on web development, I usually am writing about it in my programming blog.

My Skillset

Ruby Language
Ruby on Rails Framework
Postgresql RDBMS
React.js Framework
Tailwind css framework
Docker Containers
GraphQL Api Standard
Git Version Control
JavaScript Language
Heroku Hosting
Redux State Container Framework
Linux Operating System
Node.js Framework
Sass Framework
Webpack Module Bundler
Redis Data Store
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premiere
Bootstrap Framework

Open Source Contributions & Side Projects

I love working on side project and initiatives. These give me the chance to step into other languages and frameworks to learn their architecture. From writing gems to supporting Sublime Text plugins, I enjoy giving back to the community.

I've also contributed to ActiveAdmin, RailsPanel, Clubhouse-cli and more.

A little about me

In 2010, I received my Bachelor of Science in Computer Graphics Technology from Purdue University. My education focused on Computer Science theory and Graphic Design techniques. My courses taught me the importance of utilizing web standards and security practices to provide the best possible web experience.

Outside of the office (and the Internet), I am a spicy food addict , video game enthusiast, and board game nerd. My creative outlets include photography and playing the drums. I'm also a cinephile who loves hanging out with my awesome wife, sons, and dog, Ripley (Lt. Ellen Ripley to be exact).