How to configure Sublime Text for PSR Standards

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Created by the PHP-FIG, the PSR specification is a unified push to create standards across all PHP projects. The committee is formed from over 20 developers representing some of the most popular frameworks. Having a unified standard has been a much needed endeavor since PHP standards have been somewhat lacking in the past.

Guard fix for could not start Spork server for Rspec

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While working through the expertly written "The Ruby on Rails Tutorial" by Michael Hartl, I ran into a small configuration issue. The issue I experienced was with Guard not properly starting a Spork server from the command line. My system was able to run Rspec, Spork, and Guard with no errors as long as Guard didn't try to load Spork. Here is what my terminal output looks like.

5 Ways to improve your development workflow

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When I was in college learning about web development back in 2005 (yeesh), I was always looking for the perfect method of programming. At first I thought "if I can only find the perfect way of doing this, I'll never have to learn it again". Of course with web development and life, perfection should only ever be a direction not an ending. Let me explain.

And we're back. A new look

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It has been a long time since I last posted a new article here. The blog had to take a backseat momentarily to allow me to redesign both it and my portfolio. The goal for these two sites was to implement and learn new technologies and development trends.

Basics & Setup - Part 1

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In this series of articles, I will go through the ends and out of Sass. I will focus on the Basics and Setup, Advanced Techniques, Project Organization, and Best Practices and Common Pitfalls. I would like to apologize now for all the terrible puns that will come up (Sass tends to lend itself well to them)

Should I use px or ems for css font-size? Neither, use rem!

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While setting the size of a font is relatively simple; choosing the unit of measuring the size can become complex quickly.

At their core there are two types of font-size units; relative and absolute. Relative units are calculated by their parent element's font-size while absolute units are set at a fixed value. Both types of units are useful.

Responsive Browser Testing with Adobe Edge Inspect

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Testing for mobile devices can be a royal pain in the butt. There are so many different device facets to keep in mind. There are about twenty different brands, a near endless supply of device resolutions, and newer features like retina display that require addtional testing. Now with the surge of popularity of responsive web design, we now have one more thing to test. Ready to pull your hair out yet?