Testing for mobile devices can be a royal pain in the butt. There are so many different device facets to keep in mind. There are about twenty different brands, a near endless supply of device resolutions, and newer features like retina display that require addtional testing. Now with the surge of popularity of responsive web design, we now have one more thing to test. Ready to pull your hair out yet?

Fortunately, a new time saving way of testing both desktop and mobile devices simultaneously is available. Previously known as Shadow, Adobe has renamed it Edge Inspect.

"Adobe Edge Inspect - Preview & inspect web designs on devices" - Adobe.com

Edge Inspect gives developers a much needed way of synchronizing multiple devices in order to test the same webpage. By installing the app and connecting your mobile devices to a wifi network you can control the page of any connected device directly from your browser.

As an added bonus you can also use your browser's developer tools to remotely change a device's html, css, or javascript. No more device specific bugs that are impossible to fix, you can now debug a website without even leaving your browser. This is awesome for time saving and process automation.

Edge inspect makes this process so easy. So what are you waiting for? Install it already!

Edge Inspect allows you to connect one additional device to your desktop with the free version or infinite devices with the paid version. I have had no problem just using the free version for the time being.

Look out for a new blog post in the coming weeks regarding the perfect setup for testing a responsive website.

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