Until recently Firefox has always felt like a double-edged sword to me. The developer's add-ons have always been a pleasure to use. Firebug, ySlow, PageSpeed, Web Developer are all essential for web design. Unfortunately, my favorite, firebug, has been notorious for turning into a zombie and snacking on my computer's memory (that no amount of Left 4 Dead can solve!). Leave the browser open a couple hours and viola you have a standards compliant browser that runs slower than IE6.

I kept using my favorite browser, upgrading to the beta, hoping, praying for a fix. Every update was the promise of a browser that could run indefinitely without performance decrease. And every update the same problem persisted.

Then I found Firemin. Was it true? Had someone finally fixed the memory issue. I quickly downloaded and ran it. Firefox loaded the same...was it just a another false claim? Then I checked the task manager and was completely blown away.

Firemin Homepage

"...let it babysit Firefox. You expected it to be more complicated, we are truly sorry to disappoint you."

The former memory leak riddled browser had been transformed into a sleek, efficient, and completely awesome tool. Running at less than 30mbs of memory on average, the browser still refuses to slow down for me. To the hardworking people of Rizonesoft, thank you. You have made this developer's life and countless others less of a headache.

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