I am fueled by the challenge of conquering the latest advances in programming
and technology. My goal is to create code that is clean, functional, and always up to web standards.

What People Say About Me

"Josh is an active software developer who has interest in understanding and contributing to all aspects of web development, from front-end UX to back-end DevOps. Everyday I witnessed Josh's readiness to assist other team members and provide feedback on a new tool or processes as needed. It is a easy recommendation for me to suggest Josh for any development team."

Paul Weinstein, Orbit Media Studios

"Josh is a great developer to work with. He is very thorough and passionate about his work. He is willing to learn new technologies, and picks them up quickly. He has the ability to work with large-scale and high priority applications while interacting genuinely and personably with his colleagues."

Dawn Anthony, Mesirow Financial

"Josh was very detailed-oriented and took a lot of pride in his work. He was a very think out-of-the-box type of worker. It was definitely a pleasure to work with him at Mesirow Financial."

Derek Carter, Mesirow Financial

"Josh is a self starter and very focused on finding solutions to problems. He is a valuable asset to any team and we thoroughly enjoyed having him work with us over the summer."

Mike Sauce, Saucepan Creative

I am a passionate developer who thrives on the challenge of keeping up with the ever changing web. My experience includes implementing mobile first designs as well as converting existing websites into responsive layouts. I have spent the last four years coding in a variety of languages, completing server and database tasks, and working as part of a results-focused team. I take pride in making sure everything I develop is always up to web standards.

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JS / jQuery


Grunt & Guard

Ruby on Rails


Wordpress / Jekyll

SQL / Mongodb




Unit Testing



I am obsessed with mastering the newest programming techniques and skills. You can find me constantly pouring over the latest articles and tutorials. When I'm not reading up on web development, I usually am writing about it in my programming blog.

In 2010, I received my Bachelor of Science in Computer Graphics Technology from Purdue University. My education focused on both Graphic Design and Computer Science theory. My courses taught me the importance of utilizing web standards and security practices to provide the best possible web experience.

Outside of the office (and the Internet), I am a spicy food addict , video game enthusiast, and board game nerd. My creative outlets include photography and playing the drums. I'm also a cinephile who loves hanging out with my awesome wife and dog, Ripley (Lt. Ellen Ripley to be exact).

What I Write About

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Do My Own Pest Control
Software Developer

Software Developer (Dec 2014 to present)

  • Built an MVC auditing system and designed a relational database for usage with new website content by versioning incoming user create, update, delete requests.
  • Developed an Object Oriented Javascript class to help parse and standardize database from employee input.
  • Designed a normalized database schema to be used with a data standardization input system

Orbit Media Studios
Web Developer

Web Developer (Jan 2012 to 2014)

  • Researched and implemented a Responsive Web Design solution for future applications and to be retroactively applied to existing clients.
  • Developed integration logic with a third-party system using cURL to interact and pull data from the API.
  • Collaborated with team members to introduce SASS programming techniques and skills.

Mesirow Financial
Web Applications Developer

Web Applications Developer (July 2010 to Jan 2012)

  • Provided web training and support to over 20 team members, while acting as IT department liaison for technology requests.
  • Refactored existing SQL and Coldfusion components for greater efficiency producing a 70% increase in competent performance
  • Migrated existing database into normalized relational database model

Saucepan Creative
Web Developer Intern

Web Developer Intern (Summer 2008/2009)

  • Integrated elements into existing client websites with jQuery and flash animations.
  • Created a tiered PHP system with normalized database for user management in MySQL.
  • Researched industry keywords for client AdWords campaigns and SEO.

Purdue University
Bachelor of Science

Purdue University (2005-2010)

  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Graphics Technology, Minor in Psychology
  • Completed course work in web security, database normalization, object oriented programming, and web standards
  • Member of ACM SIGGRAPH Computing Society

Ruby On Rails Certification
Certification Course

Depaul University (2012)

  • Rails 3.2 Certification
  • Learned the following: Rails basics, TDD, MVC, REST, Routes, ActiveRecord, Database migration
  • Link: Certification Details

Sunshine PHP
Florida Conference

Sunshine PHP (2015)

  • Sessions attended: Jump-Start Your Application With AngularJS, Unit Testing PHP Applications, Tuning Nginx And PHP-FPM The Right Way, Inversion Of Control For Beginners, Composer The Right Way, REST API Best Practices, The Javascript Single Page App Front-end And The PHP Back-end, Introduction To Continuous Integration With Jenkins
  • Link: Conference Details

Drupal Camp
Chicago Conference

Drupal Camp (2012)

  • Sessions attended: Drupal 101, Drupal 102, Demystifying Views, 45 Modules in 45 Minutes, I want to write a Drupal module
  • Link: Conference Details

How Design Live!
Chicago Conference

How Design Live Conference (2011)

  • Freelance sessions: Client Management, Staying Motivated, Design Skills from Experts, Expert Workflow, Billing and Taxes, General Questions
  • Link: Conference Details