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Now With More Rubies!!!

Recovering from common Ruby on Rails errors and pitfalls (Part 1)

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Accessing instance variables within a Rspec controller test

/ tips-and-tricks / rspecrubyrailstesting

The Month in Review: October 2015

/ month-in-review / updatesrubyjavascriptrailsapps

Making the jump to OSX in Sublime Text: keyboard shortcut conversions

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Drying out your content with Ruby on Rails Internationalization

How to output a string from the elusive non-output block method; concat

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Restrict an integer to a specific range in Ruby

/ how-to / ruby

Rails 4 turbolinks fix for jQuery only working after hard refresh

/ Fix / ruby on railsjqueryturbolinks

How to configure Sublime Text 3 for Rubocop and Ruby coding standards

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Getting up and Running with Minitest, Guard, Sass, and Bootstrap for Ruby on Rails Development

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